Nebü's pledge to give back to WWF South Africa

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How it all started

“I created Nebü jewellery out of a passion for the African wilderness, a desire to protect its mystic wonders and an appreciation for the enduring legacy of a beautiful heirloom” – Helen Viljoen, Founder

Founder Helen Viljoen is a graduate in both law and genetics. Her passion for  unifying her search for justice and truth, coupled with her love of the African bushveld and its wild elegance culminated in what is now known as Nebü.

The team at Nebü consider themselves to be custodians of our exquisite wilderness, they understand that it is our responsibility to take care of the natural world, for future generations. That is why they take extra care in ensuring that every piece of Nebü jewellery is carefully designed and sustainably crafted from ethically sourced, recycled precious metals and environmentally friendly processes.

Nebü cares for the land by using upcycled gold and silver, having a diminished carbon footprint and conserving the natural habitat by not using virgin materials. Nebü cares for wildlife by raising poaching awareness and supporting organisations that works to conserve endangered species. Nebü cares about people by using local artisans, producing locally and enriching the communities they work with.

Rhino Horn pendant

Nebü marries the untamed beauty of Africa with sustainable luxury in their elegant, solid gold and silver pieces. They endeavour to deliver exotic elegance and enduring value to clients through their 24Kt, 18Kt, 14Kt precious metal variations – with the spotlight on their debut 24Kt pure, gold and silver offering, a first of its kind in Africa.

Each piece is crafted through their unique, 100% sustainable, earth-conscious methods; from each recycled granule of raw metal to the 10% proceed donation to the collection-inspired conservation efforts, beauty with impact is at their core.

Nebu Rhino Horn Pendant

Inspired by and honouring the rhino horn's strength and vulnerability, the Nebü Rhino Collection epitomises sustainable luxury.

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For every sale Nebü donates 10% to fund the conservation work at WWF South Africa.