Nebü Collection

“I created Nebü jewellery out of a passion for the African wilderness, a desire to protect its mystic wonders and an appreciation for the enduring legacy of a beautiful heirloom” – Helen Viljoen, Founder

Nebü marries the untamed beauty of Africa with sustainable luxury in their elegant, solid gold and silver pieces. They endeavour to deliver exotic elegance and enduring value to clients through their 24Kt precious metal collection – with the spotlight on their debut 24Kt pure gold, a first of its kind in Africa.

Each piece is crafted through their unique, 100% sustainable, earth-conscious methods; from each recycled granule of raw metal to the 10% proceed donation to the collection-inspired conservation efforts, beauty with impact is at their core.

Inspired by the rhino horn's strength and vulnerability, the Nebü Rhino Collection adds sustainable, African luxury to your day or night.

Honouring the rhino for its coveted horn, which has led to its global demise due to brutal poaching, the Rhino Collection epitomises sustainable luxury.

African founded. Pure African gold and silver. African artisans. Reconnect with the African wilderness in a way that is enduring, honest and pure through their timeless and exotic treasures.

*This bespoke range is made to order and takes 15 working days to produce. Prices fluctuate based on the gold price - please ensure that you complete your order on the Nebü website to ensure up to date prices.

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