WWF Uzwelo Bridget Recycled bag
WWF Uzwelo Bridget large tote bag
WWF Uzwelo Bridget large tote bag

WWF Uzwelo Bridget Recycled bag

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PET bottles are collected by informal waste collectors, as well as formal recycling businesses across the country. The PET bottles are taken to Extrupet, who wash and chop the bottles into chips or flakes. These chips are used in food grade application to make new bottles made out of rPET (recycled PET bottles) or are sent to Propet. Propet converts the chips into small pellets, which are extruded through their machines to produce fibre.This fibre is used in the manufacture of the nonwoven felt, as well as many other fibres such as duvet and pillow inners, and even knitted into t-shirt fabric.

WWF uses Uzwelo bags in order to ensure that we do our part for the environment by not contributing to landfills, their bags are manufactured from fabric off-cuts and we therefore cannot guarantee colours and/or patterns at the time of your order.

Bags are fully lined with the print done in UV.


LARGE TOTE - 60 x 18 x 38 cm

MEDIUM HANDBAG - 47 x 33 cm

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