WWF Rinki Collection Mom & Baby Giraffe Bib

WWF Rinki Collection Mom & Baby Giraffe Bib

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Who can resist these adorable RINKI characters in all their vibrant colours.
All the artwork are original African artworks, with multi-coloured, eco-friendly inks being used. You surely would want to purchase one of these 100% cotton RINKI Bibs for each day and with a choice of 5 characters you will be spoilt for choice. Each item proudly bears the WWF logo. Funds raised help ensure that the wild life of Africa is protected for the future generations to come. 

Did you know: Giraffes sleep only five to 30 minutes every day. Usually they stand up to sleep. They only lie down if another giraffe can stand watch. The spots on giraffes are unique, no two giraffes spots are the same, just like humans – no two fingerprints are the same.

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