WWF Charcoal Trucker Cap

WWF Charcoal Trucker Cap

R 250.00

Product Details

☀️ Sun Protection ☀️ Don't let the sun's harsh rays take a toll on you. The wide brim of our cap provides excellent sun protection.

🌬️ Wind Resistant 🌬️ No more hair troubles on windy days. The secure fit of our Trucker Peak Cap ensures that even the strongest gusts won't blow it away. 

🔥 Cool and Comfortable 🔥 Made from breathable materials, this cap keeps your head cool. The mesh back ensures excellent ventilation, so you can stay comfortable even on hot summer days.

👨‍🔧 One Size Fits Most 👩‍🔧 With an adjustable strap, our cap is designed to fit most head sizes comfortably. You can trust it to stay snug and secure..

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