Children's Book - Lockdown Luke

Children's Book - Lockdown Luke

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This rhyming picture book is the real-life, rags to riches story of Luke, the circus lion. Luke's story begins in the Ukraine, an unlikely home for a lion. Sold as a cub to a circus, Luke was kept in particularly squalid, cruel conditions and forced to perform in the Big Top, until one day he put his furry foot down. Lucky for Luke, cats have nine lives and wildlife warriors like Lionel the lion-hearted exist! Join Luke on his long journey to freedom...

"This inspirational story tells how a man called Lionel fought to rescue  lion called Luke in an amazing adventure that see them both battle to get home. Lockdown Luke is a must-read for animal lovers, young and old." Richard Ashmore, Magnus News Agency, UK.

 "An endearing tale of one lion's longing to be home and one man's journey to help him get there. Lockdown Luke holds many life lessons for young and old. A beautiful read." Jade Otto, Editor, Jellybean Journal, Weekend Argus.

About the author:

Linda Fellowes 'Lulu' grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. This is the seventh book in the series, all revolving around rescue and conservation. Lulu believes children should grow up with conservation in the bones.

About the illustrator:

Theresa Acker 'Tee' also grew up in Cape Town. Tee is an illustrator and graphic designer with many years of experience in the printing and advertising industry.

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