What better way to warm you up this Winter, than diving into wildlife adventures with WWF South Africa? As we run through the year, barely stopping to take notice of the changing seasons, our exciting auction items give you a chance to connect with nature and enjoy once in a lifetime adventures in the wild.

Step away from the wildlife channel and step into adventure with WWF.

We invite you to bid in the WWF Annual Winter Auction: Adventures in the Wild

All proceeds of this auction go toward vital conservation work, ensuring a future in which people and nature thrive!

Housekeeping - How to log in/create an account:

Step 1: Create your account and login details here.

Step 2: You will receive an email with a confirmation link to confirm your account creation.

Step 3: Browse our auction lots and place your bids.

*Please note if you previously had login details and it does not allow you to log in, please reset your password and click on the confirmation link again after you get the reset password email.

*To register to bid please email all FICA documents to mgovender@wwf.org.za

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