WWF Rinki Collection 9 piece jigsaw

WWF Rinki Collection 9 piece jigsaw

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What a fun way to teach the youngsters about the wild life of Africa, these colourful RIKI jigsaw puzzles are made from cardboard from sustainable forests using eco-friendly Inks. Start collecting these colourful RINKI Characters, watch out in the months to come, there will be new RINKI's including Hippo's, Lions, Zebra and many more, collect the sets and create art for your walls.

Did you know: Giraffes sleep only five to 30 minutes every day. Usually they stand up to sleep. They only lie down if another giraffe can stand watch. The spots on giraffes are unique, no two giraffes spots are the same, just like humans – no two fingerprints are the same.

*Ages 4+

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