Plush Toy Cheetah Small 15cm

WWF Plush Toy Cheetah

R 400.00

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Want to spoil a loved one? Then this cute WWF Plush Toy is the perfect gift to build your wildlife collection or to cuddle with. All our plush is made with the utmost care. Every single item is hand finished. By buying a WWF plush you are supporting your local WWF organisation.
We produce according to the highest production standards in the industry, which means a non-toxic environment for people and their surroundings. For the stuffing of our WWF Plush products, we use 100% recycled PET bottles. Wildlife toys are made from soft plush fabric tested to EN71 standards with PVC parts.

Did you know?

Cheetahs are blisteringly fast and can reach speeds up to 64 miles per hour in 3 seconds, making them the fastest land animals in the world over short distances. For comparison with humans, Usain Bolt currently holds the record as the fastest man in the world, with a top speed of around 27 miles per hour.

*Sizes vary from between 15-23cm depending on stock availability.

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