Let Me Tell You A Rinki Story

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Africa's beauty and nature, viewed from the eyes of Irene Oxley through her beautiful paintings. Get ready, we are about to feast on divine art.

Today we are speaking colour and fun animals. That may look like someone you know. No really, a number of Irene's clients bought animal paintings because they reminded them of someone they knew. We're all connected, as the famous saying goes. Let us a play a game, look at the following paintings and comment who they remind you of. I promise I won't tell.


Rinki Collection background

Rinki Collection being name after its founder and the creative master mind behind all the great artwork, Irene Oxley. You are probably wondering why Rinki, it was a nickname given to her by her loved ones to resemble her fun personality. Inspired by baboons around the area she lives which she found very interesting.

Local is Lekker

Rinki clothing collection is manufactured locally by a company called Little Lumps who has been in business since 2009. It is a family business and they employ a staff of 11 people including the owner’s daughter who does all the online marketing. All the cotton that they use is sourced from a local company in Johannesburg who also dyes up and knits the fabric locally.

Little Lumps Team Digi Team

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