Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves đŸŽ”đŸŽ¶

Posted by Shaheena Links on

This song by British pop duo Eurythmics and American singer Aretha Franklin embodies how a vibrant group of women in Mpumalanga South Africa are developing skills and creating employment opportunities for themselves. 

Ukuthunga Handmade is a social enterprise (NPO) which launched in 2016. It is comprised of several women living in communities around the Kruger National Park. The original team of five women call themselves the "Queens of Crochet" has grown over the past few years to sixty women. As the golden sun rises these inspiring women gather every week fostering a sense of community and bringing along their finished crocheted pieces that they completed the previous week.

Inspired by the hues and shades of the African savannah each individual item that they craft is unique and no two are identical. Everything they earn making these items are split evenly among them.

Newcomers are welcomed and encouraged and are offered crochet training. This ensure the the highest standard of quality is maintained, items are finely crafted and new skills which can be passed is learned.

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