Crystal Direct and WWF South Africa

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Giving back one box at a time!

The Directors of Crystal Direct Trading are very enthusiastic about nature, and love spending time in the wilderness, photographing unspoiled African landscape and wildlife. Being aware of diminishing numbers of some species, prompted them to support the World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa.  

They decided to create awareness of certain endangered species by using images of them to represent lines of the Crane Crystal Range. The Blue Crane represents Lara Crystal, the Rhino is Bistro Crystal, the Shark is Vision Crystal , the Cheetah is Club Crystal, and the Whale represents the Stemless Crystal.

Crystal Direct was founded and established in 2006.  The company is built on the Czech Republic’s rich 600-year mastery of glassmaking. From its humble beginnings, Crystal Direct Trading has grown into one of the foremost suppliers of hand-crafted, machine-blown crystal ware in South Africa, currently employing over 50 dedicated staff members, locally and internationally.

As a proudly B-BBEE Level 1 company, they are committed to using only the best quality crystal in our glassware and use recyclable packaging, produced in factories that are also eco conscious.

Did you know that Crystal is free of pollutants, BPA free and naturally oxygenates the liquid content in the glass?  That’s why beverages served in crystal tastes better! The Crane range is also made from Crystalline sand which is lead-free, making it a popular choice!

They are excited to be able to give back to nature – one box at a time!

You will find the WWF Panda on the boxes and glasses that are part of this initiative.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Every purchase of the Crane Crystal Range contributes to this conservation effort.

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